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            Welcome福彩app官方下载 to Design Works Customer Portal User Guide. This web page is an operating reference on how to use the Customer Portal. This portal will allow Design Works customers to:

            Logging In/Out

            Logging In/Out of Customer Portal

            • Open the Customer Portal in an internet browser by going to:
            • Enter the username and password as provided via email.
            • Press Login.
            • Logging into the Customer Portal for the first time or with a newly generated password will require Customers to create a secure password. The following Change Password prompt will display.
            • Create a password that is something that you will remember and has at least 8 alphanumeric characters.
              • Passwords that are considered acceptable will prompt the password strength progress to change to
            • Verify the password.
            • You will then need to choose a security question from the list.
              • Provide an answer on the line “Security Answer”.
            • Press Update Account.
            • The Customer Portal 福彩app官方下载 Page is displayed.
            • To log out of the Customer Portal, simply click Logout by your name on the left.

            福彩app官方下载 Page Overview

            Main Menu and Current Balances

            • The left side of the page is used to view your Current Balance due with Design Works and to view the Main Menu items, which includes:
              • Pay Balance
              • Billing
              • Orders
              • Reports
            • You will also see your name and the company you are associated with near the top; below your name, you can change your password if needed.
            • The Design Works logo at the very top of the page is a link to the 福彩app官方下载page.
            Pay Balance

            Pay Balance

            • To pay a balance, click Pay Balance on the left side of the 福彩app官方下载 page. The following screen will then appear:
            • Here, you will see the invoices that you owe Design Works.
            • You can select which ones you would like to pay.
              • You also have the option of Selecting or Unselecting all of the invoices, right above the invoice(s) details.
              • To select an invoice, simply click on a checkbox field.
            • On the right, you will see the column, Payment Amount. This is where you can edit the amount you would like to pay on the invoice (full or partial). 

            Make a Credit Card Payment

            • Note! When making a credit card payment, you will be charged a 3% processing fee.
            • To make a credit card payment, simply click, Make Credit Card Payment. The following screen will appear:
            • Begin by entering your card details in the gray box; then enter your address information on the right.
            • Notice near the bottom of the gray box in red, it clearly states what the total Invoice Amount is and the additional Credit Card Fee that will be charged to you as well.
            • Under the section in red, you will see the total Amount to Pay.
            • Before you make your payment, you also have a section where you can insert any notes about the payment.
            • When you are ready to make your payment, simply click Pay Balance as shown below:
            • When you have successfully made your payment, the following screen will appear:
            • You have now made a payment to Design Works via credit card. You will receive a confirmation email that your payment was processed.
              • The email it is sent to is the email you used to sign up with the Customer Portal.


            ACH Payment

            • Note! By selecting this payment method, you will NOT have an extra processing fee.
            • Making a payment via ACH Payment through the Customer Portal is similar to making a Credit Card Payment.
            • Begin by clicking Make ACH Payment, on the Make a Payment
            • The following screen will appear:
            • You can then begin filling out the necessary fields for the payment. Please know that you will need your company’s bank account/routing number to fill out the ACH Payment.
            • Below the bank information you enter in, you will see the Amount to Pay.
            • When you are done verifying all of the information, select Pay Balance, as shown below:
            • You have successfully made a payment via ACH Payment. You will receive a confirmation email that your payment was processed.


            • Located on the Main Menu, the Billing section, allows you to view an up-to-date Statement of activities on your account, and to view Credit Memos of your account.
            • When you click on Billing on the main menu, the following will appear:


            • From the Billing tab, simply select Statement to view your statements.
            • The following screen will appear:
            • From here you can view any invoices that occur for your account.
            • If you click Pay Online, it will take you back to the Make a Payment

            Credit Memos

            • From the Billing tab, simply select Credit Memos to view any credit memos on your account and their status.
            • The following screen will appear:
            • In this screen, you can view each individual credit memo, and the total of all of them near the bottom of the table.
            • The credit memo #, in red, is clickable and allows you to drill down to see that specific credit memo details.
            • An example Credit Memo is shown below:


            To view all of the orders you have with Design Works, simply click Orders on the main menu.

            Your Orders

            • The following screen will appear when you click Orders on the main menu:
            • All of the orders you have placed with Design Works appears on this screen.
            • From here you can also drill down into each order to view the different invoices associated with that order.
            • The menu tabs at the top of the order sheet, allow you to filter the orders; for example, see the status of the order (open or closed), as shown below:


            • In the Customer Portal, you are able to view four different set of reports:
              • Order Report
              • Invoice Report
              • Payment Report
              • Delivery Report
            • To view any of these reports, simply click the Reports tab on the main menu, as shown below:
            • These reports allow you to view any payments, orders, invoices, or deliveries that you have completed with Design Works.
            • For more information on Reports, please contact Design Works.